A booking in the system represents an order and all associated information. It’s possible to list, retrieve, create, and modify bookings in the system through use of the API.


GET /api/3.0/booking

Retrieve a listing of bookings in the system.

Query timestamps may be Date strings or unix timestamps, and can be prefixed with ‘<’ or ‘>’ to match before or after a date.

Query Parameters:
  • status_id (string) – The current status of a booking.

  • customer_id (integer) – The customer id associated with the booking.

  • customer_email (string) – The customer email associated with the booking.

  • start_date (string/timestamp) – The date the booking starts on (i.e. check-in).

  • end_date (string/timestamp) – The date the booking ends on (i.e. check-out).

  • created_date (string/timestamp) – The date the booking was created.

  • last_modified (string/timestamp) – The date the booking was last changed. Useful for getting bookings added or changed since your last call.

  • limit (integer) – The limit of bookings to return per page (default: 100).

  • page (integer) – The page of results to return.

Response JSON Array of Objects:
  • booking_id (integer) – The internal index of a booking.

  • code (string) – The unique booking reference code.

  • status_id (string) – The status code of the booking.

  • status_name (string) – The display name of the booking status.

  • created_date (timestamp) – The date/time the booking was created.

  • total (float) – The full value of the booking.

  • tax_total (float) – The sum of the taxes applied to the booking.

  • paid_total (float) – The amount the customer has paid on the booking.

  • customer_name (string) – The full name of the booking contact.

  • customer_email (string) – The email address of the booking contact.

  • summary (string) – A brief description of the contents of the booking.

  • date_desc (string) – A string describing the booked dates/times.

  • token (string) – A customer token for the booking, can be used to build links to customer portions of the reservation system.

 2    "booking/index": {
 3	"3149": {
 4	    "booking_id": 3149,
 5	    "code": "PVCA-050314",
 6	    "status_id": "PAID",
 7	    "status_name": "Paid",
 8	    "created_date": 1394079749,
 9	    "total": "141.90",
10	    "tax_total": "12.90",
11	    "paid_total": "141.90",
12	    "customer_name": "Your Customer",
13	    "customer_email": "",
14	    "summary": "Islands Snorkeling Tour",
15	    "date_desc": "Wed Mar 5, 2014",
16	    "token": "57c2ac0a58dc02a72df50a8841b1c8a190627ff69a2435060a3ed3d469819477"
17	}
18    }

Booking endpoints